A new alternative system for marking and referencing night time maritime search and rescue operations. The MARINE LED SAR MARKER has been designed to offer full operation and efficiency in night time SAR operations.

Easy and effective us

Marker light and easy to use for target and rescue areas

Safe transportation

Lightweight and minimum weight for better transport

Non dangerous use

Marcador no peligroso, sin materiales perjudiciales.
Alternative to Pyrotechnic Visual Distress Signal Smoke Markers.
The MARINE LED SAR MARKER has been manufactured as a luminous visual marker which is low on maintenance.

Resistant against water impact casing.
Environmentally friendly material, reusable marker in training operations.
Rechargeable LED.

The MARKER is equipped with:

• Luminary casing, body and ballast
• Rechargeable LED luminaire
• SOLAS reflective tape
• Pressure relief valve
• Ballast: calibrated for floatability

  • Lightweight: 3490 gr.
  • Resistant: Maximum flight parameters – IAS 65 kts – height 200
  • Easy use: ON/OFF system
  • Low on maintenance: wash and recharge after use.
  • Mission design: easy use on operations, it does not require security measures for activation, handling or dropping.